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Take a closer look at Tarleton students who have experienced real life success.

Here is Heather's story:

“I remember telling myself during the interview that they [the interviewers] were supposed to keep a neutral face and to not get discouraged;” a statement from Heather Draughn as she explained her experience applying for Occupational Therapy (OT) School. 

Tarleton Kinesiology senior, Heather Draughn was recently accepted into Texas Tech’s Occupational Therapy program; however, it was not a simple task for Heather to get accepted into this competitive program. “I applied to Texas Tech last year but did not get into the OT program,” Heather explained. “This year I allowed myself to gain some interviewing experience by participating in the mock interviews that are held in Career Services. Julie Wilkes gave me some great feedback that helped me gain the confidence I needed for the interview. I thought my answers were stupid or not professional enough.” Once she explained her situation to Julie and received feedback from the mock interview, Heather quickly learned her answers were far from ‘stupid’. Julie explained that it was obvious Heather had the experience for the program, but she was lacking confidence. Julie provided a few recommendations on how to stay calm and collected during the heat of an interview. Heather stated, “this made me feel calm about the interview process.”

There are other attributes beyond interviewing skills Heather felt provided her with the qualifications and skills needed to get into the program including Dr. Peaks Adapted Physical Education course. “That class gave me the hands on experience through Fantastic Field day that I needed to show the school I have the creativity and passion for modifying activities and helping others. Occupational Therapy is all about adjusting lifestyles to maximize daily living. That is exactly what we did in that class. I spent the majority of my interview talking about his class and even showed them the video I made about Fantastic Field day that was required for the class.”

Heathers advice to students who are planning to apply for Occupational Therapy school in the future is to gain as much experience as possible including shadowing therapist and additional activities outside of the clinical setting. “This helps you gain the knowledge you need to know about the career and helps tremendously during the interview,” Heather explained. In addition, Heather mentioned the All-stars League, which is led by the Lions Club and Stephenville Optimist Club, is a great organization to be a part of and most importantly keep a high GPA and apply to multiple schools that offer the OT program.

We encourage you to come to Career Services today to see how we can help YOU become the next success story!