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Frequently Asked Questions

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I made the changes to the page, but the website doesn't show any of my changes.

Make sure you publish first before you check to see your changes on the live site.

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I clicked on Publish, but when I checked the website, the changes are still not there.

Give the CMS some time to go through the Publishing Queue.  If you are concerned where your items are on the queue, go to Tools and select Publisher then Active Jobs.

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Website Navigation

Can I change the links on the top of the page?

Links located in the Tarleton State University logo area are part of the common layout for all web pages on the site.  As these are global, this area is not editable.

How do I put links on the Left Navigation?

The CMS helps you dynamically created links on the Left Navigation.  Each page has an option to be included in the Left Navigation.  External link objects within the main folder of your site are automatically a part of your navigation.  A folder with pages or external link objects can also be included in the navigation.  This in turn creates a sub level of links on the Left Navigation. You can also order the links on the Left Navigation by viewing its folder.

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