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Accessibility: Head this Way!

Question: When is a “Heading” not an appropriate heading?

Answer: When you place it in a table. 

This doesn’t seem obvious from a visual perspective, does it? When the powers that be of the web development world came up with different types of headings, they actually made a separate one specifically for tables called a “table header.” Weird, already! What’s up with this “header” and “heading” business? What is the difference?

Think about a typical research paper: you separate ideas and concepts in a long paper by providing headings. This helps your reader skim your paper and get to the good stuff s/he is interested in.

Now think about the data in your research paper: you want your reader to know what each of the columns or rows stand for, so you make them bolder (or something else visually obvious). These are your headers.

They have different purposes, and therefore, different names in the web world.

Want to know how to use table headers in Cascade? Keep reading or contact Web Strategy for assistance!

I’d like to encourage you to read the information below. If you don’t wish to read it now, please feel free to hit the How to Be Accessible with Cascade Server at any time for more ways to be accessible on your websites. You can also contact me about any accessibility concerns you may have (x1819,, or set up an appointment to come by Dick Smith Library, Room 248).