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Accessibility in Cascade Server: Images that Contain Text

I’m happy to announce that I came back, alive and well, from my latest accessibility conference last week. One of the big topics around the conference was usability. This is a larger topic than I can discuss in an email, but part of this included readability, especially for low vision users.

As a graphic artist, I’m constantly trying to keep up with the marketing trends. However, there is one trend that I’ve recently learned that, while cool on a banner or poster, is not accessible on websites. That trend is the use of pastels and other light colors against light backgrounds. This issue? Low contrasting colors are hard for people to read. It made me think twice about some of the designs I’ve been working on. Yes, even me!

I’d like to encourage you to read further on some information I picked up at the conference. If you don’t wish to read it now, please feel free to hit the How to Be Accessible with Cascade Server at any time for more ways to be accessible on your websites. You can also contact me about any accessibility concerns you may have (x1819,, or set up an appointment to come by Dick Smith Library, Room 248).