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Accessibility: Making Tarleton Accessible

Have you ever been to a bar or restaurant where the TV was on mute? If you were interested in what was being said on the TV, you were experiencing temporary deafness.

Have you ever been through a severe thunderstorm or a hurricane, and your electricity was knocked out, leaving your home or office in pitch black darkness? If so, you were experiencing temporary blindness.

How many times in your life can you say you’ve personally experienced some kind of disability? Of course, with the above scenarios, you already know the solutions:

  • Turn on the closed captioning on the TV, so you can read what is being said. 
  • Have a flashlight close by, or a smart phone with a flashlight application, so you can shine light on the objects around you.

Similarly, we have temporary disabilities when viewing websites. How many times have you tried to open a website that took forever to load or failed to completely load? Did you see blank white spaces where there should have been text or images? If so, you were experiencing temporary blindness.

Accessibility isn’t just for those with permanent disabilities – we all deal with some kind of disabling issue from time to time. Be honest, you’ve used the ramps instead of the stairs from time to time, too, right? The elevator? The automatic door opener?

They aren’t just for the disabled – they make each of our lives a little easier. Thankfully, just like closed captioning and ramps, web sites have solutions for accessibility. It is something we can all appreciate.

And just like ramps and elevators in the physical world, providing accessibility in the “virtual” world is the law (both Federal and State), not to mention a Texas A&M University System policy.

Join me in the effort to make Tarleton’s website more accessible. You can find most tips on accessibility using Cascade Server on our CMS Tutorial Website: How to Be Accessible with Cascade Server or Tips and Tricks.

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Please contact me about any accessibility concerns you may have (x1819,, or set up an appointment to come by Dick Smith Library, Room 248).