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Tips and Tricks

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Dealing with Really Large Files

Trying to add documents to Cascade Server that you can’t shrink down below the size limit (10 MB)?

Can’t walk over to Web Strategy with a thumb drive of large documents or photos you want on your website?

The Texas A&M University System has a free and secure solution:

Setting Up Your Account

If you have never used the Aggie Gateway, you’ll create your own NET ID (i.e.,, This takes only a few minutes to set up. Once your account is created (give it a few more minutes to add you to all the services), you can set up Password Reset permissions to your Tarleton email and/or mobile phone. After that, you can go back to and start sharing files.

Sharing Files

You can share files with anyone by providing an email address, including people outside The Texas A&M University System. They will receive an email with a link to the files you give them access to. No other steps are required by the recipients other than to click on those links. Instructions and links are provided automatically in the email as soon as you have provided the files and permissions.


  • This is not storage space, and your files will be deleted after a week if you do not extend the expiration date on each individual file you add.
  • You can add files no larger than 2GB (i.e., size of a 2 hour movie)