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Anchors Away!

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Anchors Away!

What is an anchor?Anchor symbol from Cascade editor

Anchors are a type of link used to skip around on a page. You’ve seen one if you’ve ever clicked on a “Top of Page” link that took you back to the top of the page you were looking at. You’ve probably also seen it on the A – Z Directory, where you can click on a letter and skip down to the list starting with that letter.

Unless you are using anchors for this reason, you should not be typing anything into the Anchor field when creating links. Anchors should never be used when linking to documents. Inappropriate usage of anchors leads to errors on most outside link checkers (Cascade does not check these), and it slows down your users when they try to access your information.

Don't type in the anchor field. You can type in the title field, but it is not required.

You can Edit your pages, click on each link, and check if they have any contents in the Anchor field. If you see anything, please remove it and re-publish your pages.

Periodically Check for Broken Links

It is important to check periodically that you have no broken links on your website. This can be easily done by using Cascade’s built in Link Checker.

  1. Go to a page and click Edit.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

Good!If you return back to the view of the page, you have no broken links.

Might not be good and needs a manual check.However, if you get a list of links, you need to check each one manually to determine if it still works.

For example, this Link Check shows a possible broken link:

Link check showing one link error with a timeout message that needs to be manually checked.

Copy and paste the link into another browser window and see what happens. In this case, we were unable to open the page, so we know this is a broken link. You can

  • Correct the link if you know what the link is supposed to be in the field under Modify.
  • Remove the link entirely by clicking the Back button.
  • Contact the web maintainer of the website to determine what the link needs to be changed to. You can change this later by Editing the page.