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Ethics and Compliance Program

Program DescriptionStandards of ConductAnnual Compliance Risk Plan

Tarleton State University is committed to a culture of integrity and ethical behavior and compliance with applicable policies, regulations, and state and federal laws. To that end, we have established an Ethics and Compliance Program to identify and address compliance risks and to ensure that faculty and staff are aware of their ethical and compliance responsibilities.

The program uses a collaborative process that engages subject matter experts who are knowledgeable of regulatory requirements and critical issues for their areas.

The program is structured in accordance with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines requirements' for an effective compliance program:

  • Standards and Procedures:  System policies and regulations and University rules and procedures define guidelines for conduct and operational framework.
  • Oversight and Governance:   Leadership responsibility for institutional compliance.
  • Education and Communication:  Enhance compliance awareness and understanding.
  • Monitoring and Reporting:  Identify and mitigate compliance risks and report that information to management. Provide employees with mechanism for reporting of wrongdoing without fear of retaliation.
  • Enforcement and Discipline:  Provide appropriate disciplinary action for compliance violations.
  • Response and Prevention:  Provide quick response to any compliance violations and take necessary actions to prevent future violations.

The program's success is dependent on all members of the Tarleton community and their commitment to "do the right thing". Faculty and staff are responsible for ethical conduct and compliance in their daily activities and business transactions.