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10 Reasons to Love Tarleton

It is no secret that we as Tarleton Texans are very prideful of everything Tarleton is about and has to offer. Find out why you should love Tarleton and why it is known as “the best-kept secret”.

1. Tradition

Have you ever visited campus and been told to not step on the grass, or been told to wear purple on Thursday? The traditions at Tarleton are like no other. From having the oldest spirit organization in Texas, the Purple Poo, to the L.V. Risinger Bonfire, traditions are everywhere. One of our core values is Tradition for a reason. It is something us as Tarleton Texans protect and hold close. We even have a book called the Purple Book that outlines every tradition we have. Some of our most well-known traditions are the L.V. Risinger Bonfire, Silver Taps, Purple Poo and Yell Contest. You have to really be a part of Tarleton to understand just how important they are.

2. Flexible and Convenient

You no doubt know that Tarleton has a Stephenville campus, but did you also know that you can take Tarleton classes from our faculty in Fort Worth, Waco, Midlothian, Bryan and online? Many of our non-traditional students and transfers are able to complete their degrees at our outreach locations, staying closer to home, work or other obligations.

3. Core Values

Tradition, Integrity, Civility, Leadership, Excellence and Service. These are our core values, but they are more than just six words. They are a way of life for Tarleton students whether it is holding a leadership position on campus, participating in round-up, or holding a candle at Silver Taps. Core values are a great part of Tarleton and really gives you an idea of what Tarleton and the people here are about.

4. President Dottavio

Dr. D has got to be the most photographed university president of all time. Students and staff love Dr. D. He is Tarleton. He is student focused. If there is an event on campus, you will see him and Mrs. Dr. D as well. This semester he decided that he will step down as president and students were obviously saddened by the news. We are sad to see him step down, but he will still be a teacher in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  

5. Campus Views

In recent years, Tarleton has seen a major change in its look, but it is still as beautiful as ever. Tarleton has seen a lot of change from the construction of Rudder Way to the renovation of the football stadium and soon to be the completion of the new Engineering building. The Tarleton campus is a sight to see. It is a great mix of historical buildings mixed with modern. The irises blooming in the spring is definitely a sight to see. From Heritage Park to Rudder Way, Tarleton is a beautiful campus no matter where you roam.

6. Organizations/Leadership Opportunities

No matter your passion or hobbies, Tarleton has something for you. We have Greek Life, Tarleton Transition Mentors, Texan Reps, Student Government Association (SGA), Residence Hall Association (RHA), Residential Leaders, and we even have a group called Purrs and Spurs that feed the cats on campus. This is just a small list of all the opportunities that Tarleton offers for students to be a part of something outside of their academic endeavors. Furthermore, there are a lot of leadership opportunities in these organizations. You could be President of SGA.

7. Faculty/Student

Tarleton’s faculty to student ratio is 19:1 and 32% of classes have fewer than 20 students. This allows us to feel like more than just a number. The professors at Tarleton actually care about us, are able to give one-on-one help and provide resources necessary for us to succeed. More often than not, your teacher will know you by your name and will likely even know how you are involved on campus.

8. Home Away from Home

You will hear many students say that Tarleton felt like home as soon as they stepped on campus, and that is just what Tarleton is. It's our home away from home. Being a student here, you will soon find a support system that will help you through, whether it is a friend group, an advisor, a professor, a mentor or an organization full of people that get you. There is a place for everyone. Tarleton is a family and you are surrounded by your family when you are here, and honestly, it helps take the initial shock of college away. After a while, students start to feel homesick being away from Tarleton.

9. Resources

The people at Tarleton want you to succeed in every aspect of your life and it's very obvious in the number of resources the university has to offer. Along with staples such as the office for Diversity and Inclusion, academic advising, financial aid and student affairs, Tarleton also dedicates resources to your physical and mental well-being. Here are a few:

  • Career Services and Counseling
  • Health Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Recreational Center
  • Dining Hall
  • Food Pantry

10. The Experience

Last but not least, the experience. From the time you step foot on campus, the Tarleton experience begins. It then continues to orientation. You then get fully immersed in Tarleton when you go to Duck Camp and learn all about the traditions, meet new people and get the first exposure to being a part of the Tarleton family. Next is Transition Week where you dive head first into being at college. During this week, freshmen light their Tarleton flame and join the Tarleton family forever. Throughout your years at Tarleton, you will create your own experiences and not one person's will be the same as the others. I’m sure most Tarleton Alumni proudly donning their iconic class ring would tell you their experience at Tarleton is one that they wouldn’t trade for anything. 

Tarleton is more than just a university, it's a home. These are just a few of the reasons why we love Tarleton.

Written by Brianna Tucker.

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Current student Katelyn Vinson smiling by the John Tarleton Statue
My favorite tradition at Tarleton is all of homecoming week, I love it because of the memories that are made. Every year the memories are always different even though homecoming is all traditions.

Katelyn Vinson