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College of Health Sciences & Human Services

Dr. Natalie Jones
Dr. Jones holding a book
Dr. Jones in regalia with graduates.

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College of Health Sciences and Human Services
Southwest Metroplex - Hickman Building

Dr. Nathalie Jones

As an educator, my teaching style consists of a Professionalism Toolkit. Not only do I provide instruction on content and theory as it relates to social work, also on ethics and professional behaviors. Research supports that an atmosphere of diversity, creative thinking & teamwork fosters learning. Therefore, establishing these points at the start of class are intentional and encouraged throughout the semester.

According to the National Association of Social Workers (2017) there were over 45,000 social work degrees awarded during 2014-2015. With this number, I feel charged to ensure that individuals entering the field are competent and confident in their abilities while in the field. Social Workers have several roles that include advocator, mentor and community.