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Pillars of Service

Many opportunities are available for faculty development through the through the Faculty Fellows including nationally renowned speakers, webinars with cutting-edge educational professionals, assistance in course development with an instructional designer, training sessions related to classroom and teaching technology and informal gatherings. Learn more about our pillars of service below!

Fellows gather around the table.

Faculty Roundtables

Faculty Roundtables are held twice each semester and focus on bringing faculty together in an informal and relaxed environment to discuss specific topics that concern them. Open to all faculty at Tarleton regardless of rank, seniority or discipline, roundtables are devoted to the concept that faculty should be encouraged to learn from each other and gain from the experience and expertise of their colleagues. Topics discussed in the past have included classroom management, the educational use of social networking and student incivility.

Dr. Kinman instructing

Course Redesign (CRD)

Faculty learning cohorts are groups of faculty from different backgrounds and disciplines working together to encourage excellence in teaching and learning at Tarleton. The first cohort of faculty began meeting in the Summer of 2011 to take up the challenge of launching Tarleton’s initial Course Redesign project. To date, over 90 faculty members have redesigned their courses to increase student engagement, applied learning and content retention. Learn more about Tarleton Course Redesign.

Mentoring session

Instructional Mentoring

Mentoring is a voluntary service that allows participants to find support and encouragement while discussing, improving and developing innovative teaching strategies. Faculty Mentors provide observation, evaluation and mentoring service in a safe and confidential environment. Informal mentoring opportunities may include invitations to attend faculty roundtables and the Excellence in Teaching Conference, access to the Teaching Toolkit and resource library and links to best practices for teaching in the college classroom.

Dr. Riggs and Dr. Jones pose for a photo.

Faculty Research Partnerships

Faculty members are encouraged to join Tarleton’s vibrant community of teachers and scholars. To facilitate and foster scholarly activity, faculty can collaborate with their peers to conduct action research in an effort to advance the art of teaching through instructional innovation.

Dr. Amber Bozer-Harris presents her SoTL work to peers.

Scholarship for Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Tarleton’s CII and Faculty Fellows as leaders in their field work to enhance Tarleton’s mission to serve students’ diverse learning needs. Developing a cross-disciplinary initiative to promote SoTL fulfills part of the university’s strategic plan. As Tarleton seeks to be the premier student-focused university in Texas and beyond, SoTL remains a critical guiding influence. SoTL is one of the experiences at Tarleton State for faculty to conduct research to determine which teaching and learning practices or experiences impact their students’ learning best. SoTL is offered once a year and provide faculty the tools and resource to study their teaching using research tools and methodologies. To date, the majority of faculty have presented and published their findings in various professional journals. Learn more about Tarleton's Scholarship of Teaching & Learning.

Textbook used for Fall 2018 PDC meetings

Faculty Development Communities (PDC)

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, Dr. Beth Riggs, Faculty Fellow COST representative, will lead a small faculty professional development community (PDC) using informal discussions related to teaching and assessment. The PDC will have individual assignments and group assignments to generate authentic discussions related to classroom environments and the application of evidence-based practices. The PDC group will have 1 ½ hour meetings four times during a semester. Dr. Riggs is also conducting research for the faculty fellows to determine the impact of the PDC experiences on our participants, Tarleton faculty. The PDC will use a popular professional development text, Learning Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty, as a guide and discussion medium during the PDC meetings and activities. This is the inaugural PDC at Tarleton State University. We have faculty on the waiting list for the spring 2019 PDC; however, we have a few openings. Look for a call regarding the Spring 2019 PDC in October 2018; please join us.