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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be offering 1000 & 2000 level classes at this campus or just 3000 and above like the current FTW campus?
Will there be a library in the first building?
Is there going to be an easy way to get to this campus without using the Chisholm Trail Parkway?
Will there be a parking fee at the new campus?
What degrees are going to be offered there?
What is the address?
Where is this located?
Will Medical Laboratory Science degrees and programs also be offered at this location?
What new programs will Tarleton be bringing into the Fort Worth area that are currently only available in Stephenville?
Will students have to take the tool road to get to classes on Chisholm Trail?
Will there be a bus route going to the new campus?
What 'new' services will be available at this locations? (for example: disability services rep)
Will classes still be taking place at the Hickman Building?
What programs will be housed out of the Trinity River Campus?
When will it open?
What subjects are going to be taught?
Will it have a bookstore?
How to get to the new campus?

New Campus Location