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Welcome to the W. K. Gordon Center for Industrial History of Texas!

W. K. Gordon CenterHistory of the W.K. Gordon Center

Tarleton State University Foundation, Inc. built the Center, with support from Mrs. W.K. Gordon, Jr., Erath County, and the Texas Department of Transportation. It opened to the public in November 2002 and attracts thousands of visitors each year to exhibits and special programs.  The Center represents the culmination of a long-standing relationship between the University and the town of Thurber, Texas.

The W.K. Gordon Center actively collects materials pertaining to the economic, political, and social history of Thurber and other centers of industrial development.  When donated to the Center, these manuscripts, photographs, artifacts, and oral histories are cataloged and become valuable resources for education and research.  Potential donors should contact the curator for additional information.

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History is how we preserve our past and inspire our future. That’s why we at the W. K. Gordon Center are proud to endorse the History Relevance Value Statement. The Value Statement is comprised of seven distinct tenets delineating critical ways the study of history is essential to individuals, communities, and our shared future. The full Value Statement can be found at