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Ukrainian Egg Workshop

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 at 2:00 pm, The W. K. Gordon Center will host a workshop on the history and symbolism of  the traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs called pysanky. Deeply rooted in Pagan and Christian celebrations, the egg represents rebirth and eternal life to many Eastern European ethnic groups.

Bethany Kolter Dodson, assistant curator and educator, will demonstrate two traditional techniques for creating these small works of art. The workshop will offer instructions for making designs on eggs using both historic and modern methods, plus tips for preparing and preserving the eggs. Participant will receive two practice eggs and a genuine pysanka making tool called a kistka to take home. A workshop fee of $5 per person includes eggs, instructional packet, and supplies.

Due to space limitations, call to make a reservation today at 254-968-1886!