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W.K. Gordon Center News

Thurber Goes Live: Gorman HS Gifted and Talented Places Third in KC3 Contest

Gorman’s High School Gifted and Talented class shared the history of Thurber with a class all the way in New Jersey! Gorman ISD placed third with their interactive presentation about Thurber in the KC3 Kids Creating Community Content International Contest. KC3 challenges students around the globe to develop a research-driven interactive presentation to introduce a topic of local concern to a classroom through videoconferencing. The Gorman HS Gifted and Talented class took original photos during a class visit to the W.K. Gordon Center and found additional photos online. They then added a script, which explains the rise and fall of Thurber to complete their presentation. Through videoconferencing, they shared their presentation with a group of second graders from New Jersey to describe the life of an average citizen in Thurber. Post-presentation activities are posted online for teachers to use as a resource. All students who participated were between grades 9-12 with one faculty sponsor.

Congratulations to Gorman HS Gifted and Talented class for their third place finish in this year’s competition and for making a fantastic presentation about Thurber! Keep up the good work! The video can be seen from this link:

The Story of a Modern Ghost Town

KC3 Kids Creating Community Content International Contest