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Students in hall of Hunewell/Annex

Living Learning Communities

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students placed together on a floor or within a building based on a common major/program affiliation.

Benefits of Living Learning

Academic Success Graph

Overall, students in a Living Learning Community have retained at the University at a higher rate than average students not in a Living Learning Community

Being a part of a Living Learning Community has a number of different perks:

Common interests — you already have something in common with the other residents of your LLC, whether it's your major or interests.

Academic success — studies have shown that members of a LLC have a higher GPA than other on-campus residents. Study smarter- not harder.

Access to resources — you will have more face-to-face interactions with faculty and advisors, which can really help when you're in need of a letter of recommendation or assistance with a complicated concept in a particular course.

How Do I Apply for a LLC?

  1. Identify the LLC most aligned with your academic major
  2. When completing your housing application answer the questions to indicate you are interested in being placed within your selected LLC
  3. Now, before you submit that you want to be a part of the LLC, remember to take some time and really answer the questions to the best of your ability. Being part of an LLC comes with responsibilities you must fulfill.
    • You must agree to be an engaged member of your residential facility
    • You must agree to partake in the academic program or be supportive of the academic work in the program

Submit your Housing application.

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