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Dublin Fairs and Celebrations

By Frank Chamberlain

Dublin has hosted numerous fairs and celebrations throughout its history. These festivals date back to before the turn of the century and continue to be integral parts of the community calendar. The themes of these events change over the years and evolve with each passing generation. The first fair was known as the “Old Confederate Reunion”, which began around 1890 and was held in September of each year. On these occasions, Confederate veterans from Erath and Comanche counties would gather to camp out for four days, reminisce renew old acquaintances, and enjoy refreshments or other entertainments. The tradition of beginning each fair with a parade began during these early years. Eventually, this particular celebration was discontinued by the 1930s, but other festivals replaced it in the following years. These festivals frequently followed the same basic pattern, with a parade to open the festivities, lots of booths, and judging contests for all sorts of products.