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If you registered to receive your W-2 form electronically, you will receive an email no later than January 31 that it is available in TarletonConnect.

If you did not register to receive your W-2 electronically, the paper form will be mailed by January 31 and available in TarletonConnect by mid-February.

Upon availability, Tarleton employees will be able to access and print W-2 forms through TarletonConnect, which can be accessed thru Single Sign On (SSO).

  1. Log-in with your UIN and Password.
  2. Choose "TarletonCONNECT" from the SSO Menu.
  3. Select the "Payroll Data" on the TarletonConnect screen.
  4. Scroll to the bottom half of the page and choose "Show W2 Form"--click the drop-down menu to check for multiple W2s.

If you experience difficulty logging into SSO, follow the on-screen help or contact the Employee Services Department to have your password reset. If you are a former employee, you will be able to access your payroll data through TarletonConnect for approximately 18 months after your termination date.

IRS announces special instructions for Nonresident alien employee W-4 forms effective January 1, 2006.


Employees can sign on to TarletonConnect to

  • access their payroll data
  • update W-4 information
  • change address information, and
  • reprint W-2 forms.

Electronic Notification of Earnings and W-2 Forms

There are now two electronic notification options available on TarletonConnect. Employees can sign up for electronic notification of monthly and biweekly direct deposit earning statements and for electronic notification of the W-2 form (which becomes available in mid to late January).

For more information, view the Electronic Notification of Earnings and W-2 Form flyer.

Note: These selections may be changed at any time by returning to TarletonConnect and re-selecting a paper earnings statement or a paper W-2 form using the same process.