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Trogdon House

The Trogdon House on Tarleton's campus

Welcome to the Trogdon House!

Sitting in the heart of Tarleton State University's campus since 1923, the Trogdon House is a visible, beautiful home which serves to link the University's past to its future. Formerly known as the Hall of Presidents, it served as the residence of the college president and his family from 1924 to 1982.
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The sitting room inside the Trogdon House
Built under the supervision of Dean J. Thomas Davis, the house was constructed primarily by student labor at an original cost of $8,000. The exterior walls are approximately 18 inches thick and are a combination of wood studs. native rock and several layers of concrete plaster.
Dean Davis and his family occupied the home until 1948, followed by President E.J. Howell and his family, who lived in the house from 1948 to 1966. Tarleton's 12th President, Dr. W.O. Trogdon lived in the home from 1966 to 1982. By resolution of The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents, it became known as the Trogdon House in honor of Dr. Trogdon and served as a university office building from 1982 until 2009.
President Dottavio and his wife in front of the Trogdon house
In 2009, Dr. Mike McKinney, Chancellor of The Texas A&M University System, and Tarleton's 15th President F. Dominic Dottavio recognized the importance of the structure in the life of the university and its need for preservation and rehabilitation. To accomplish the needed work, Dr. Dottavio initiated a fundraising campaign which was led by long-time supporters of the university, Col. Will Tate and Ben and Nellie Baty.
Renovations were completed in 2010 and Dr. Dottavio and his wife Lisette Dottavio became residents in an apartment on the second floor. Now the Trogdon House once again plays an important and historic role in the life of Tarleton as a dedicated venue for many campus events.
Dining room inside the Trogdon house

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