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Board of Regents Meeting Update


Dear Faculty and Staff:

I would like to share with you the outcome of Tarleton’s agenda items before The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents during their meetings on May 27-28.

Tarleton had several items before the Board. First, I would like to congratulate and welcome Dr. Adolfo Benavides for receiving tenure and accepting the position of Dean of the College of Business Administration. He will join Tarleton as dean and professor of economics in July.

The Board also granted Faculty Development Leave to Dr. Linda Schultz, who is a professor in the Chemistry, Geosciences and Environmental Sciences Department. During her leave, she will prepare manuscripts for publication in chemistry research journals.

In other actions, the Board gave its approval for Tarleton to create a new bachelor’s degree program in Criminal Justice Administration.

Criminal Justice is a thriving and very necessary field of study. The new Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree is a vehicle that will provide students an opportunity to pursue a university degree with recognition of earned professional training, experience and completion of workforce education programs.

Tuition and fee increases were approved by the Board during this meeting. The increases that were approved by the Board include the following:

  • Designated Tuition will increase $5.47 from $88.50 per student credit hour (SCH) to $93.97 SCH.*
  • Group Hospital & Medical Services Fee will increase $0.40 from $4.07 to $4.47 SCH.
    • Fall and Spring Max - $75 SEM.**
    • Summer Max - $25 SEM.**
  • Student Services will see various increases depending upon semester.
    • Fall and Spring will increase $1 per SCH from $17.80 to $18.80.
    • The Summer will see an increase of $0.59 per SCH from $10.59 to $11.18.
    • The maximum amount per semester will increase $12 from $213.60 to $225.60
  • Academic Support and Advising will increase $1 per SCH from $3 to $4.
    Off-Campus Program Fee will increase $6 per SCH from $28 to $34.
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Fee will increase $2 per SCH from $8 to $10.
    • The maximum amount per semester will increase $26, from $104 to $130.

*Assessed per Semester Credit Hour  

**Assessed per Semester

While tuition and fee increases are always made with much thought and consideration beforehand, it is important for the Tarleton community to recognize that the university still provides one of the most affordable, quality higher education opportunities in the state.

F. Dominic Dottavio, Ph.D.