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Board of Regents Budget Approval



In two emails to you last week, I promised to provide additional updates on the actions of the Board of Regents concerning the tabled 2013-2014 fiscal year budget and member salary plans. The Board met today in order to resolve this issue before the beginning of the next fiscal year. I am happy to report that the Board unanimously approved the budget and salary plans as presented prior to the discussion of a 5% discretionary reduction for each System member.

We are going forward with salary plans as scheduled and Dr. Minckler has communicated to me that salary letters will be printed next week. Thank you for all you do for our students and the university. I am excited to begin a new year at Tarleton and look forward to the great work we will do in 2013-2014. Best wishes for successful fall.


F. Dominic Dottavio, Ph.D.

Clarification: Letters will be printed for VP review late next week but won’t be ready for delivery to individuals until the follow week, as per our merit guidelines.