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Board of Regents Meeting Update


Dear Colleagues,

We have exciting news from the Board of Regents meeting.  The Board has authorized us to pursue our proposals for a new doctorate in criminal justice and a master’s in applied psychology with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

If we receive approval by the THECB in the next few months, both programs will launch this fall.  The doctoral program would be a major achievement for us, joining the doctorate in Educational Leadership as a Tarleton terminal degree offering.  We hope to attract 15 students the first year in helping to meet a state-wide and national need in the criminal justice arena.  Our program is unique in combining criminology, criminal justice and related strategic policy studies.

The proposed master’s in the College of Education also seeks to meet a growing demand for psychologists with an understanding of applied methodologies.  While there are numerous master’s degree programs offered throughout the state, ours will be one of only three with the emphasis on applied psychology.

The Board of Regents also approved our proposal to rename Vanderbilt Street to Rudder Way, in tribute to Earl Rudder, an outstanding alumnus and a gifted leader who not only had a tremendous impact on Tarleton but on the state and the nation.

Rudder attended John Tarleton Agricultural College in 1928-29, advancing to Texas A&M and graduating in 1932. He later returned to Tarleton and served as the head football coach, teacher and athletic director during the period of 1938 to 1941. Rudder was called to active duty and became one of the most decorated soldiers in the U.S. Army during World War II, rising to the rank of General and playing major roles in both the D-Day invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, he became a vice president at Texas A&M and, in 1959, its president, later serving as president of the Texas A&M University System until his death in 1970.

The Board also granted well-deserved emeritus status to three distinguished, retired Tarleton faculty members: Dr. Don Zelman, Dr. Pat Zelman and Dr. Mark Littleton. We congratulate them upon this honor. Dr. Leslie Stanley-Stevens was honored at a Board dinner too, along with 11 other faculty members from across the A&M System who were named 2014-15 Regents Professors last November.

Today’s actions by the Board are positive steps forward for the university as we maintain our vision to become the premier student-focused university in Texas and beyond.  I’m pleased to share this good news.

F. Dominic Dottavio, Ph.D.