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Additional Approval

Special Permission Courses

Certain courses require special permission before they can be dropped. These include developmental-level courses and freshman-level Math and English courses. Undergraduate students requesting to drop a course that requires special permission must obtain the appropriate approval before submitting the Course Drop Request Form.

List of courses that require special permission and how to obtain the approval.


Since dropping a course can affect athletic eligibility, athletes must first obtain approval from the Athletic Compliance Officer before initiating the drop process.

For more information, contact the athletic coordinator at (254) 968-0560.

Veterans Affairs

Student who receive Veterans Affairs benefits and who have had their courses certified, must obtain approval from the Veterans Affairs office before dropping a course. A course will not be dropped without VA approval.

For more information, contact the Veterans Affairs office at (254) 968-1805.

Chemistry Courses with Labs

To avoid a registration hold, students must turn in their Chemistry lab equipment before dropping a Chemistry course. A "checkout slip" will be issued to the student once the equipment is returned. The slip must accompany the Course Drop Request Form. The drop will not be processed without the slip.

Students can obtain a Chemistry lab checkout slip by returning their lab equipment to the Chemistry stockroom, located in Science 441. Contact the Chemistry lab at (254) 968-9151 for additional information.

International Students

In order to remain in compliance with federal regulations and maintain status as an F-1 or J-1 international student, you must complete a full load of courses each long semester. 12 hours for Undergraduate, 9 for graduate students.

International students must receive approval from an international student advisor before dropping a course. Contact International Programs for more information.

Email or call 254-968-9632