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Enrollment Management in Action

Marketing Functional Team 

The University Marketing Advisory Committee helps to ensure a consistent and unified marketing effort for all programs and all campuses related to enrollment. This functional team supports ongoing marketing efforts and provides input concerning additional marketing strategies or needs that may influence student enrollment and institutional reputation.   This team's initial charge will be to market the roles and responsibilities of the campus community in the recruitment and retention of students.  Additionally, the group will facilitate the telling of Tarleton's story to prospective, current and former students that ensures relevance, consistency and accountability.   

  • Maintaining integrity of the University brand and championing its growth and significance among key internal constituencies
  • Work to maximize campus ownership of the planning process and the resulting plan by providing opportunities for faculty/staff to disseminate a common brand/marketing message regarding the quality and value of a Tarleton education
  • Enhancing the University s brand/image through development and implementation of a marketing strategy linked with Tarleton's mission, vision and strategic priorities across all audiences
  • Identifying opportunities to showcase Tarleton's initiatives both internally and externally
  • Inventory and identify marketing, promotion and Web and advertising activities University-wide
  • Facilitating relationships with specific academic and administrative units to ensure relevance, consistency and accountability in marketing efforts
  • Providing strategic and thought leadership to develop specialized marketing programs and initiatives and to explore new opportunities
  • Determine resources needed for marketing and recommend sources for permanent university funding
  • Identify ways to increase public awareness, accessibility and appreciation of the University
  • Conduct a campus-wide audit of current marketing expenditures of all university units such as academic departments, athletics and enrollment management
 Team Members

Ms. Harry Battson Chair (SEMEC Member)

Dr. Anthony Edwards

Mr. Carlos Figueroa

Ms. Jana Holland

Ms. Daphne Hunt

Dr. Barry Lambert (SEMEC Member)

Dr. Mike Leese

Dr. Kim Rynearson (SEMEC Member)

Please contact SEMEC Team members for meeting times and membership.