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Enrollment Management in Action

Retention, Progression & Completion Functional Team

The primary charge of the Retention functional team is to establish and oversee a campus-wide coordinated and integrated approach to student persistence and retention efforts from initial enrollment through graduation that includes:

  • In collaboration with Institutional Research and Effectiveness, monitor the retention of undergraduate and graduate students by establishing and guiding an on-going assessment plan focused on persistence and retention
  • To identify helpful retention best practices and recommend retention initiatives
  • Serve as an early warning system, alerting the campus of evidence that may indicate undesirable trends
  • Identifying barriers to persistence that exists at the institutional level, developing possible solutions, and prioritizing recommendations for action
  • Identifying opportunities at the institutional level to enhance persistence, determine appropriateness for implementation, and prioritize recommendations for action
  • Analyze and reengineer current enrollment processes to better meet students' needs
Team Members

Mr. Michael Barnette

Ms. Darla Doty

Dr. Jennifer Edwards (SEMEC Member)

Dr. Javier Garza (SEMEC Chair)

Dr. Karen Murray

Dr. James Pierce

Dr. Kim Rynearson (SEMEC Member)

Dr. Dwayne Snider

Ms. Elizabeth Wallace

Please contact SEMEC Team members for meeting times and membership.