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Enrollment Management in Action

Recruitment Functional Team

The primary charge of the Tarleton State University Recruitment Committee is to make recommendations to SEMEC on matters pertaining to student recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and other issues related to recruiting and enrolling the desired student body at Tarleton.  The efforts of this sub-committee will focus on developing strategies that will enhance recruitment efforts at the undergraduate and graduate level, for both domestic and international students.

  • Further University goals for achieving the appropriate mix of undergraduate, graduate, and international students
  • Recommend and periodically review enrollment objectives to SEMEC
  • Recommend recruitment strategies for meeting enrollment goals based upon past and present student data
  • Identify ways in which to actively involve faculty and staff in the student recruitment process
  • Encourage meaningful connections between prospective/admitted students and Tarleton faculty/staff by communicating with internal constituents
  • Compile data regarding the success of all recruitment initiatives
  • Identify and recommend initiatives to increase diversity, inclusion, and engagement
Team Members 

Dr. Kim Rynearson, Co- Chair (SEMEC Member)

Ms. Jana Holland, Co-Chair

Ms. Betti Cryer

Ms. Cindy Hess

Dr. Barry Lambert (SEMEC Member)

Ms. Rachel Lawson

Dr. Marilyn Robitaille (SEMEC Member)

Please contact SEMEC Team members for meeting times and membership.