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Contacts With Legislators


As lawmakers progress through the legislative session they hear from and/or seek guidance from their political constituencies and experts in various fields.  As citizens we "enjoy all constitutional rights and privileges concerning freedom of speech and participation in political events…"  However, as a System member and state-supported institution of higher education Tarleton is "required to remain neutral in  partisan political activities."

When contacting elected officials to exercise your constitutional rights, please remember, you may only represent yourself as an individual and may not utilize your title or name of the institution in your efforts.  Additionally, if you are contacted by legislators to provide expertise, opinions, etc., please inform the Office of the President of the request.  This will allow us to be aware of any activities that may have ties to Tarleton and will allow effective communication with TAMUS Governmental Relations and the Chancellor concerning such issues/efforts.

Thank you for your assistance in such matters.  The following resources below have been provided for your convenience if you have additional questions.

Policy/Code Number Policy/Code Information
System Regulation 60-02 Public Affairs
Texas Government Code, Chapter 556 Legislative Lobbying
Tarleton SAP 09.02.99.T1 Licensing and Use of University Names, Logos and Trademark
System Regulation 07.03.01 Political Campaign Events on Property Under the Control of The Texas A&M University System (see section 5)
System Policy 07.03 Conflicts of Interest, Dual Office Holding, and Political Activities (section 3.1.3)

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