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Health Care Changes for FY 2012-13


Yesterday, the System Employee Benefits Advisory Committee (SEBAC) met and recommended the Texas A&M University System move to offering one health plan option to System employees and retirees next fiscal year.  The attached press release was distributed earlier today regarding this announcement. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield is the selected provider for the offering.  This will only impact less than 1% of Tarleton employees/retirees participating with Scott & White.  Even though the System is not offering the Scott & White health plan next fiscal year, employees/retirees will be able to use Scott & White doctors, clinics and hospitals under Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Now for the good news…with this change, employees and retirees will experience about a $20 per month DECREASE in their monthly out-of-pocket cost.  Dental and other optional coverage will remain fairly close to the same.  Actual premiums are not available at this time, but you will begin receiving information in the next few weeks in preparation of Annual Enrollment in July, 2012.  During Annual Enrollment, employees and retirees can make changes to health, dental, life and other optional coverage, and dependent coverage for the next fiscal year, which begins September 1, 2012.

Angie Brown
Director, Employee Services
Tarleton State University