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Optional Labor Day Work Schedule

Staff Council has received comments inquiring why Tarleton will not be closed on Labor Day 2012.  The following information and list of state and TAMUS approved holidays for FY 2013 are provided as a detailed explanation.  Additionally, in an effort to provide flexibility for employees, the Executive Cabinet has also approved an option to take Labor Day off without having to use a vacation day.

"The Texas Legislature publishes a list of official state and national holidays recognized by the State of Texas for its agencies each biennium.  This list is published on the Texas State Auditor's Office website and is provided yearly by the Texas A&M University System.  The State of Texas recognizes seventeen (17) state and national holidays each year in which state employees take paid leave.  Unfortunately, by state statute, if one of those days falls on a weekend, state employees lose that holiday.  In Fiscal Year 2013, thirteen (13) of the seventeen (17) recognized holidays fall during a work week, therefore, state employees receive a total of thirteen (13) holidays for the Fiscal Year.  As an institution of higher education in Texas, state statute allows us to choose what days on the calendar we place the eligible holidays. This is how employees receive seven (7) consecutive days at Christmas.

Tarleton's Executive Cabinet chooses what days to utilize as holidays each year based upon the System's approved and the state’s recognized holidays.  This year the Executive Cabinet chose to provide a day at Spring Break rather than Labor Day because of feedback from campus, which matches the System's proposed holiday schedule for Fiscal Year 2013.  In the past, when only thirteen (13) days were eligible, the campus has worked four (4) ten-hour days in order to have an additional day for Labor Day or another holiday.  This alternative has not received favorable feedback and was avoided this year until recent communication suggested that such an option would be attractive."

Once again, the Executive Cabinet recognized faculty and staff’s disappointment that it was not a holiday this year, and responded with the option of working four (4) ten-hour days (subject to supervisor approval) to provide the choice of taking Labor Day off without using one of your vacation days. 

See a complete list of Tarleton holidays.

Thank you for all your service to Tarleton and its students.

Staff Council