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Outsourcing Update - November 14, 2012

Hello, Fellow Tarleton Staff Members!

There has been a lot of discussion around campus regarding the October 5, 2012 email announcement from The Office of the President about an outsourcing initiative. The possibility of outsourcing all Physical Plant services, including those employed by the various departments who perform the custodial, grounds and maintenance operations on campus, has created a mix of emotions from employees. Many employees question how this will/can directly affect individuals whose jobs may be outsourced, and indirectly affect the entire faculty/staff population employed by Tarleton State University.

While Staff Council does not have the power to change the outsourcing initiative, we do feel it is our duty to communicate with administration, gather additional information and support those affected by the potential changes. The following list identifies activities involving staff council and our efforts to address the outsourcing initiative.

  • March 2012 - Staff Council became aware of outsourcing taking place on the Texan A&M University campus. Tarleton staff expressed concerns for their jobs. Staff Council consulted with Jerry Graham, and consequently, he assured all physical facilities and environmental staff that outsourcing was not being considered for Tarleton State at that time.
  • October 5th 2012 - Tarleton employees received an email announcing the outsourcing initiative from The President’s Office.  President Dottavio empowered Dr. Minckler and Mr. Jergins to conduct open forums for staff.
  • October 10th  2012 -
    • 10:00 a.m. - Staff Council Executive Cabinet met and discussed many items including outsourcing. The Council agreed to include outsourcing concerns on the upcoming Staff Council survey.
    • 4:15 pm. - Staff Council members attended the outsourcing forum led by Mr. Jergins.
  • October 24th 2012 -
    • 10:00 a.m. - A concerned staff member brought outsourcing to the floor for discussion. Staff Council immediately scheduled an urgent Executive Cabinet meeting for October 29th.
  • October 25th 2012 - All requested reports, organizational charts, salaries, budgets, etc. were due to Mr. Ray, Chief Business Development Officer of the TAMU office.
  • October 29th 2012 -
    • 8:30 a.m. - Staff Council Executive Cabinet discussed outsourcing concerns, developed a plan to gather data from state schools in Texas that have outsourced, scheduled another urgent Executive Cabinet meeting for November 1st, as well as began developing questions to include on the Staff Council survey.
  • November 1st 2012 -
    • 8:30 a.m. - Staff Council Executive Cabinet discussed outsourcing and began collecting contacts at various institutions across the state. Set next urgent Executive Cabinet meeting for November 8th.
    • Staff Council survey was distributed to the masses.
  • November 8th 2012 - Staff Council Executive Cabinet developed questions to survey Texas intuitions that have outsourced similar services. The Cabinet also developed questions/requests for Tye Minckler and scheduled a meeting with him on November 26, 2012.
    • It is projected that Mr. Ray will possibly visit the Tarleton campus in the month of November.

Over the next couple weeks Staff Council Executive Cabinet intends to distribute the outsourcing survey to other Texas Institutions of Higher Education, continue gathering additional information on the benefits and obstacles of outsourcing, request Tarleton administration develop an outsourcing webpage with up to date information (similar to the Xerox and construction pages), and meet with Dr. Tye Minckler to discuss the many concerns related to this outsourcing initiative. 

What can you do?  As a citizen, you have the right to contact your state representative and express your concerns and the potential impact you believe this initiative will have on the University and Stephenville community. This can only be done as an individual and cannot be done on behalf of Tarleton State University.  Emails must be sent from personal email addresses after normal business hours.  Letters and phone calls are also appropriate during non-business hours. For your convenience, I have provided contact information for your current State Representative (Sid Miller). The new State Representative (JD Sheffield) will be sworn in January 2013.

We are here to support our Tarleton State University staff members and appreciate the years of dedication and energy that have gone into helping the University become one of the fastest growing, lowest-cost institutions of higher education in the state of Texas.

Sid Miller:

Austin Office:
GN.11 Capitol Building
Texas 78768-2910
Phone: (512) 463-0628

Nikki Jackson
Staff Council President