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Salary Adjustment Discussions

Meeting with Angie Brown - ES Director, November 14, 2011

What research data was used to cultivate the salary adjustments?

Employee Services utilized several tools to make salary adjustments this fiscal year. The process considers variables (not limited to) campus size, public/private institution, job descriptions, group progression rates, etc. The resources used were the salary survey tool provided by CUPA-HR (College & University Professional Association for Human Resources), independent salary surveys conducted at various institutions, State Classification Schedule, and numerous phone interviews to clarify data. Employee Services personnel do not have the intimacy with our specific positions thus a significant portion was based on job descriptions. Some job descriptions are more detailed than others, therefore those job descriptions that are more ambiguous required a judgment call.

Is the new pay scale negotiable?

For this year, salaries cannot be adjusted. However, Employee Services will make a Pay Plan Recommendation in February/March 2012. If employees have specific salary data (through reputable associations and organizations) that may influence the pay scale process for the coming year, please contact Angie Brown to set up an appointment to discuss the data specific for your position and research that may assist in their process.