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Reciprocal Exchange Programs

Reciprocal Exchange Programs are those which, through an agreement with a foreign institution, Tarleton students pay tuition and fees at Tarleton only; international students pay tuition and fees at their home institution, and the students exchange places in the classroom. Tarleton students pay tuition and fees at Tarleton, and Tarleton generates the credits. Then the foreign university sends a grade for the course work completed abroad. Students register for courses approved by their academic advisor, and Tarleton course equivalents are matched with the courses selected abroad. Reciprocal Exchange programs can be for a long semester or two.


  • Students pay regular Tarleton State University tuition and fees as if they were studying on campus, making Reciprocal Exchange Programs one of the most cost-effective ways to study abroad. Living expenses are typically paid on-site to the host university.
  • Students have access to the host university's course offerings (some restrictions may apply), and take courses alongside host country nationals.
  • Courses taken on Reciprocal Exchange Programs will appear on student's Tarleton transcripts as Tarleton course equivalents, counting towards credit hours and cumulative GPA.
  • Reciprocal Exchange Programs provide a truly dimmers experience, allowing students to get involved in the local university's community through clubs, sports, and other student activities.


  • Cumulative 2.5 - 3.0 GPA depending on the program
  • Transfer students must have completed one semester at Tarleton prior to application.

Application Process

  1. Explore the available programs in the Study Abroad Portal
  2. Schedule a meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor by emailing to discuss your program of interest.
  3. Schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor to determine how this program will fit into your degree plan.
  4. Once you have met with the Study Abroad and Academic Advisors, apply for the exchange program of your choice in the Study Abroad Portal
  5. Complete the "Pre-Decision" requirements in the Portal. They include:
    • Personal Information
    • Letter of Recommendation from a Tarleton professor
    • Exchange Program Essay
  6. Once the application is complete, it will be reviewed by a Study Abroad Advisor. If approved, you will be notified through email and asked to confirm your participation and complete your "Post-Decision" requirements, especially your Course Verification Form.
  7. After being nominated to the host-institution, you will receive information on how to complete the host university's requirements and process your immigration documentation for the host country. 

Additional Information - Course Equivalencies

Students participating in an Exchange Programs are expected to transfer back a minimum of 12 credit hours (Undergraduate) or 9 credit hours (Graduate) per semester in Tarleton course equivalencies for academic work completed at the host university.

All students must complete a Course Verification Form after acceptance to an Exchange Program and prior to departure. Failure to complete this document may result in non-transferable credit.

Current Exchange Agreements

Tarleton State University has established Reciprocal Exchange Programs with the following universities around the world: