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Ireland - Film Studies
Summer 2018
3 Credit Hours

Course No:

  • TBA


June 23 - July 15, 2017

Course Objectives:

Examining film and literature, in general, and Irish film and Irish literature, in particular, this course explores the intersections between genres, cultures, and media. During Summer 2017, this course is divided into three main sections: a week of online meetings via Blackboard before we take the trip to Galway, a 3-week study abroad trip to Galway, Ireland, followed by 4 weeks online via blackboard, in which we discuss, reflect, and analyze the overall experience. 

The course will wrap up with two main projects (a report and mini-conference, even if attended online via Blackboard Collaborate): Students will take what they learned from attending and observing the Galway Film Fleadh (festival) and create a one-day conference, in which they present their multimedia presentations to each other and invited guests from the university community. 

Ireland's culture and coastline are as breathtaking as they are bewitching. The signature event that we're attending is the Galway Film Festival, which has elevated Galway, Ireland to the status of an official UNESCO City of Film. I hope you'll join us!

Course Requirements:

Active participation, engagement, written and oral responses, and analyses to each literary work, film, or excursion, and a collection of the student's own writings and photo journal. 3 hours of credit. Blackboard and Study Abroad components.


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Does not include tuition and fees

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