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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many other transfer students will be going? What is the average age of transfer students that attend?

The average number of Texan Campers is in the range of 40-50. However, with the success of transfer students who have gone through the Texan Camp experience in past years, we expect this year's number to be higher than ever. Texan Camp is not limited to any specific age but has traditionally been made up 19-22 year olds.

Am I going to be the only transfer student going? Will I be grouped with a bunch of freshmen?

No worries, you will not be the only transfer student attending Duck Camp! We arrange Texan Camp to be concentrated at Duck Camp 3 so that all transfer students can attend together. Although you will get plenty of opportunities to interact with freshmen and upperclassmen leaders, you will intentionally be grouped with students that are transferring to Tarleton from another school just like you.

Is it the same thing as Duck Camp? What is the difference?

Texan Camp is hosted at the same location at the same time as Duck Camp 3. Texan Campers have a different experience because they are grouped with only fellow transfers and they attend breakout sessions that are for transfer students only. While freshmen are learning about making the transition from high school to college, Texan Campers will be learning about what life at Tarleton has to offer and what resources are available for transfer students. Other than that, Texan Camp will experience all the same fun and festivities as Duck Camp!

With Texan Camp going on the same time as Duck Camp, will it be the same material that is delivered to the freshmen? Will I be able to learn about my new school and how to get involved?
Texan Camp is not lectures about transitioning from high school to college. Instead, it is about how to become a part of the Tarleton family and how to become an active student on campus. You will also learn a wealth of information regarding our rich traditions, history and organizations. Texan Camp will equip you with the tools and connections you need to make the most out of your time at Tarleton State University.
Is the camp limited to only incoming transfer students for Fall of 2015? What if I transferred here in the Spring?

Each year we try to make a special effort to extend an invitation for Texan Camp to spring and summer transfer students.  Even if you started at Tarleton in January, for example, we still encourage you to attend camp to make more friends, learn more about the university, and take advantage of a once in a lifetime experience.

Will the camp treat me like I just graduated high school? Are there certain rules & restrictions? What is the curfew?

Do not think this is going to be like the camps you attended as a child. We realize that Texan Campers (just like the Duck Campers) are adults, so while there are some general rules of the camp that we must adhere to, the number one rule of Texan Camp is to make connections with other members of your Tarleton family!

Is it going to be boring like an orientation?

Texan Camp is anything but boring! It is an energetic three-day camp at which students bond with their new peers and learn what it is that makes our University so special. With all orientations out of the way by the time Texan Camp rolls around, these three days give students a chance to become more comfortable with their new home by making some of their first Tarleton memories in a fun environment. 

What is camp like? Why is it a good idea to attend as a transfer student?

At camp you will make friends with members of your new Tarleton family, learn our schools chants and cheers, and be surrounded by the spirit of our rich history and tradition. In addition to taking part in social events and participating in the legendary relay games for Waddle Olympics, students attend breakout sessions that not only provide valuable information about campus life at Tarleton, but also address specific issues relevant to transfer students. We encourage all transfer students to attend Texan Camp so that they can make a smooth transition into the Tarleton family and be exposed to our history and tradition.