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Texan Camp Testimonials


Texan Campers get the opportunity to be grouped with over 20 fellow transfer students in order to connect and create lasting friendships.  Texan Camp has made such an impact on its participants that these former Texan Campers jumped at the opportunity to share a little piece of their story with the next wave of Tarleton State University transfers.

“I am so thankful I attended Texan Camp because it gave me the chance to meet tons of transfer students just like me. Thanks to that experience, I was not left behind in the mix of incoming freshmen and returning Tarleton students.” 
Shay Cavendar

“Being a transfer student, I already had a good feeling about college and meeting new people but Texan Camp completely blew my mind. The people in my small group are now nothing shy of my best friends.” 
Juan Carlos Ramos

“I really didn’t want to go to Texan Camp because I transferred here in the spring and already completed a whole semester by that summer. At the last minute, I decided to go through with it and I’m so glad I did! I made so many new friends and learned so much about Tarleton traditions.” 
Malarie Briggs


















“Being a transfer student and a lifelong supporter of another university, I never imagined that three days at Texan Camp would change that and make me a Texan for life! Camp is just a small taste of how Tarleton is more than a school, it’s a family.” 
Jacob McCay


“Without Texan Camp, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet some of my best friends and my Tarleton experience would have been much different.  Texan Camp gave me school pride and reassured me that I made the right decision transferring to Tarleton!” 
Shelby Holt