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Homepage Calendar Event Guidelines

Criteria for Adding an Event to the homepage "Upcoming Events" section:

To add a listing to the Calendar on the homepage, the following criteria must be met:

  • The event must appeal to the student body, prospective students or the Tarleton community at large and promote the university's mission and QEP.
  • The event must be a large-scale type of event.
  • The event must be sponsored by an official campus department or unit or a recognized (registered) student group.
  • The event must be scheduled in an authorized University facility.
  • Certain off-campus events may also be posted if sponsored by a Tarleton department or program. These may include arts and entertainment events sponsored by the College of Liberal and Fine Arts, events for prospective students, and other events that further the mission of the University. Posting of such events is at the discretion of the designated Calendar Administrator.
  • Each event submission must include an event title, campus sponsor, date, time, location, and cost, if applicable, as well as a contact name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • The event should not duplicate another event listing.

What types of events are appropriate for homepage posting under "Upcoming Events"?

  • Large-scale academic or research seminars or recruiting events (e.g.; Fall Job Fair, Speaker Symposium, Texan Tour)
  • Large-scale student activity events (e.g.; Midnight Breakfast, Family Weekend)
  • Large-scale concerts, plays, and speaking events (e.g.; Tarleton Theatre Presents, "Annie Get Your Gun", Wind Ensemble Holiday Concert)
  • Events open to the Tarleton community and the public (e.g.; Wellness Expo, Flu Shot Clinic, Tarleton Holiday Showcase)
  • Events sponsored by a Tarleton center, college, department, institute, program, or a recognized student club or organization. (e.g.; W.K. Gordon Center Sunday events, Langdon Review Weekend, Student Programming Association's Purple Out Picnic)

What type of event or items are unacceptable for homepage posting under "Upcoming Events"?

  • Ongoing classes, repetitive workshops, routine/daily/weekly events and regular meetings.
  • Events for only faculty/staff and not students or the public.
  • Events that are small-scale in nature or appeal to a limited audience.
  • Advertisements for companies or products.
  • Events NOT sponsored by a Tarleton center, college, department, institute, program, or a recognized student club or organization.
  • Solicitations.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee of when your approved event will post to the homepage "Upcoming Events" section.  Depending on the number of events ahead of you (date-wise) your event may not post until very near its date.  Only six events will fit in the "Upcoming Events" section at one time.