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Outsourcing Policies

Outsourcing Web Projects

If your department has a particular vendor in mind, please include that information on the Web Development Request Form. If Web Strategy and/or the Web Advisory Committee determines that your requested project cannot be completed by Web Strategy or IT, then outsourcing to a 3rd party vendor may only then be considered.

Additional Outsourcing Policies

Purchasing procedures must be followed if an outside vendor is utilized. If required the bidding process will take approximately 30 days.  A contract will be required as a result of the bidding process and must be executed before any work begins on the project.  All contracts will be processed in accordance with the University President’s Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration document.

The outsourcing project must comply with the following State of Texas rule:

RULE §202.75 Information Resources Security Safeguards: (6) Systems development, acquisition, and testing (
(A) Test functions shall be kept either physically or logically separate from production functions. Copies of production data shall not be used for testing unless the data has been declassified or unless all state and independent contractor employees involved in testing are otherwise authorized access to the data.
(B) Information security and audit controls shall be included in all phases of the system development lifecycle or acquisition proess.

(C) All security‐related information resources changes shall be approved by the owner through a quality assurance process. Approval must occur prior to implementation by the institution of higher education or independent contractors. 

The vendor must agree to comply with the official guidelines for Tarleton State University web sites. Web Strategy policy requires that the vendor must provide all original graphic files to Web Strategy upon the project's completion. Also, the vendor may only use programming methods that have been approved by the Web Strategy department.

Tarleton has a Standard Administrative Procedure for Vendor Access on the Rules/Procedures page. Once a contract has been signed by both parties, Web Strategy can provide temporary access credentials to the vendor by request. You are strictly prohibited to give any other web site credentials to the 3rd party vendor.

Please contact Web Strategy at 968-9713 or for more information.